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About Us

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Our Mission

Our corporate vision for our existence is simply to be the best choice for any organization needing help communicating with their stakeholders (customers, prospects, members, donors, shareholders and employees). That communication may come in the form of a business card or gift card, a banner or sign, a personalized direct mail piece or email, or a promotional give away. We are the best choice because of the depth of our knowledge and the breadth of our services. Working with our professionals is a wonderful experience. Our quality and core values define our organization.

Our Social Mission

When most people think of crime, their minds can jump to the worst of the worst.  All of us have made mistakes in our lives, some more serious than others.  However serious our mistakes have been, those with criminal convictions have paid for them – often dearly.  When they rejoin the community, they want to build a decent life for themselves and their families and contribute to the community, just like anyone else. But almost all employers’ overly broad screening practices make it difficult or impossible for people re-entering society to find work and rejoin the community in a positive way.

We at MP Uptown understand how difficult the world can be for people on the fringes of society.  And just giving money or sitting on boards isn’t enough.  What these people returning to society want and need most is a job that leads to a career.  Here at MP Uptown we believe in second chances and hire people with records to show that these people are productive citizens.  They are good workers and deserve to move on from past mistakes.  Nobody wants to be remembered for the worst thing they have done in their life and at MP Uptown we believe that every human being can change.  It is our Social Mission to give people with records a chance.